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References and Links

The Great Pyramid Papers

The Great Pyramid Papers now have their own website.
Details of future publications are available on the site.
ISBN 978-0-9566588-2-1
Great Pyramid Paper A - Surveying errors within the Great Pyramid of Giza
ISBN 978-0-9566588-3-8
Great Pyramid Paper B - The vertical chamber stack of the Great Pyramid ­ part 1
ISBN 978-0-9566588-4-5
Great Pyramid Paper C - The horizontal chamber stack of the Great Pyramid
ISBN 978-0-9566588-5-2
Great Pyramid Paper D - The upper roof chambers within the Great Pyramid
ISBN 978-0-9566588-6-9
Great Pyramid Paper E - Decoding the north and west walls of the upper chamber of the Great Pyramid
ISBN 978-0-9566588-7-6
Great Pyramid Paper F - The vertical chamber stack of the Great Pyramid ­ part 2
ISBN 978-0-9566588-8-3
Great Pyramid Paper G - The Great Pyramid, the Earth and the Cubit
ISBN 978-0-9566588-9-0
Great Pyramid Paper H - Decoding the upper chamber of the Great Pyramid ­ part2
ISBN 978-1-7398691-0-6
Great Pyramid Paper I - The architecture of the Great Pyramid's lower northern shaft.
ISBN 978-1-7398691-1-3
Great Pyramid Paper J - The Great Pyramid's solar system map and the original surveying grid of the Giza Plateau.
ISBN 978-1-7398691-2-0
Great Pyramid Paper K - The GPS location of the Great Pyramid of Giza and the puzzle on the roof.

Local files

Summary of gallery end wall surveying
The principal maths theorem of the upper shaft exit points
Journal article covering the surveying errors
Petrie's doubts about the plug block surveying
How to transform from local Egyptian to GPS map coordinates
Petrie's station marks, Google Earth file format
The PDF files of the pyramid surveys by Petrie, Smyth, Gantenbrink and Maragioglio are no longer available to the public on this website, they were removed in July 2021. The documents are still available elsewhere on the internet.

Internet links - the Upuaut project robotics survey - on-line version of Petrie's surveying - 3D tour inside the Great Pyramid
The Djedi Project wikipedia entry
WGS84 geodetic system
Srinivasa Ramanujan
The New Scientist lower southern shaft article
The cubit wikipedia entry
British museum EA67818, stone ball
British museum EA67819, hook

Other websites of interest

The Isida Project, research on ancient artefacts. Excellent content and links.


1. Gantenbrink, R. 1999 (Website is no longer online)

2. Petrie, W. M. Flinders. The Pyramids and Temples of Gizeh. 1st ed. London: Field and Tuer; New York: Scribner & Welford, 1883.

3. Smyth, P. Life and Work at the Great Pyramid, vol. 2, Edinburgh: Edmonston and Douglas, 1867

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