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Y rotation angle
Z rotation angle
Reference planes
Julian date JD UTC
Date & time UTC
Date & time at Giza
Sidereal day length
True anomaly
Axial tilt
Ecliptic-Sun equator
Ecliptic-Invariable plane
Longitude of ascending node
Argument of periapsis
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The Great Pyramid CAD drawing

The CAD drawings on this website were produced using LibreCAD open source software and therefore the orginals are in DXF file format.

In December 2022 the Great Pyramid CAD drawing was completed and ported into AutoCAD's DWG format, with the import errors removed and the DWG file tidied up.

CAD files

The Great Pyramid v 22.12

DXF format

Great Pyramid CAD drawing - DXF format

DWG format

Great Pyramid CAD drawing - AutoCAD 2010 format

Great Pyramid CAD drawing - AutoCAD 2018 format

The Giza Plateau

DXF format

Giza plateau CAD drawing

Last content edit: 27th December 2022
Last code/graphics edit: 27th December 2022