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Great Pyramid surveys

The technical drawing of the Great Pyramid that is used within this website and shown on the interactive drawing is a CAD drawing that was produced from three surveys of the building: the 1993 robotic survey of the pyramid's shafts carried out by Rudolf Gantenbrink ; the 1883 survey by William Petrie; and the survey by Piazzi Smyth published in 1867.

The Petrie and Smyth survey publications are included on this website as PDF files for convenience:

Petrie's survey PDF file

Smyth's survey PDF file

The Upuaut project survey data of the shafts is in the form of a CAD drawing, and the .dxf file is included in this website for convenience only - please visit the website for the original work.

Upuaut project CAD drawing .dxf file

As an additional source of information there are a series of beautifully drawn technical drawings from Maragioglio and Rinaldi which are also included in this website for convenience

Maragioglio and Rinaldi's survey PDF file

however it should be noted that during the research work I have come across numerous inaccuracies in the numerical values contained in these drawings and reference should be made to the original survey works from which these drawings were compiled.

Last edited: 10th July 2019
Last code/graphics edit: 29th March 2021