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Master design, lower chamber introduction

The master ellipse that was created at the end of the last section is being used for only one thing at present, and that is to provide the primary rotation angle of the system that is then passed down the geometry construction sequence to correctly form the dynamic elements within the building.

This means that the master ellipse, and its associated secondary ellipse, can be drawn anywhere and at any scale without affecting the the dynamic geometric system that has been constructed so far.

If the movement of the Earth from Aphelion to Perihelion that is explicitly described by the key plot is to be incorporated into the pyramid's dynamic geometry on the master ellipse, then there are several logical options available to the architects at this juncture. They could

The first two of these options have been used in the creation of the details of the lower chamber, and the third option has been used in the formation of the antechamber and upper chamber of the building. The two systems are linked together and the lower chamber needs to be solved before the upper chamber because it contains the essential details that are required to form the upper geometry.

If you start the clock you can see an example of the Earth varying in size as it gets closer and further away from the Sun during its elliptical orbit with the orbital distance details being taken directly from the key projection from the last section of this work. This example is showing the Earth varying from a maximum size at Perihelion to a minimum size at Aphelion.

The reason that this is only an example is that there is no way of knowing how to construct such a system in the geometry without being given explicit instructions as to where the 1:87,500 scale model of the Earth that we are using is located within the orbit. It could be that the 1:87,500 model of the Earth is when the Earth is at Perihelion, and the size of the ellipse shrinks down from that model. Or it could be that the 1:87,500 scale model is at Aphelion and the ellipse grows from there, or it could be that the 1:87,500 scale model is taken when the Earth is at 1AU distance from the Sun, as shown on the example on the interactive drawing, and the geometry ellipse both shrinks and grows from this size.

The solution to this ambiguity can be found in the lower chamber of the pyramid.

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