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The hidden start point

From the calibration system in the gallery for determining the latitude of the pyramid the base length of the gallery floor section is known to be exactly 48pM in length, but the start or end point of the gallery has yet to be determined geometrically.

The interactive drawing shows the internal ellipse and the geometry line which defines the ascending passage both highlighted and the 1st static reference ellipse, rather than the 2nd, is being used on the interactive drawing. The ascending passage of the 1st static reference ellipse has an angle of 26° 0' 37.34" which is shown highlighted in its object information panel.

If you consider this simple geometry, there is only one sensible place that the geometry of the gallery floor could start, and that is at the intersection of the ascending passage line and the internal ellipse. Click here to zoom in on this area of the pyramid's architecture.

As you can see the intersect point of the internal ellipse and the ascending passage geometry is in line with the gallery bench line that contains the cut out measuring holes and it falls on the joint of two of the ascending passage's wall stones, which are shown in the drawing by the blue lines.

The gallery measuring stones

There is an unambiguous confirmation that this intersect point is the start point of the gallery. If you display the gallery area , the highlighted line on the interactive drawing shows the floor line of the gallery constructed from the newly defined start point and running up the gallery at the angle of 26° 16' 50.85" that was defined by the calculations for the gallery floor on the previous page (page D7) and for a length of 48.00 pM. At the top of this line is the last of the gallery floor measuring holes showing that these measuring holes mark out 48 pM from the start point to the top of the top measuring hole.

If the measuring holes stretch for 48pM from the gallery start point to the last hole at the top of the gallery, then there must be a missing measuring hole at the bottom of this system located inside the ascending passage which you can see by zooming back in to this area. The missing measuring hole aligns perfectly with the top wall joint in the ascending passage.

The ascending passage length

In the same manner the lower section of the ascending passageway can be formed by starting at the gallery's geometry start point and drawing the ascending passage to a length of 33 pM down the known angle of the passage. If you zoom in on the ascending passage area you can see the result of performing this action. The ascending passage is built to an exact length of 33 perfect meters from the gallery start point down to the end of the last plug block that is visible in the passage.

External alignment

The hidden start point of all of the pyramid's internal geometry has been discovered, and it has one further alignment which connects it to the architecture on the outside of the pyramid. If you zoom out to show the lower section of the building the surveying of the 'trial' passages on the outside of the pyramid can be checked against the geometry start point in the ascending passage because the center of the vertical shaft in the 'trial' passages aligns with the internal geometry start point.

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