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Automatic face angle calibration

At the end of the basic section the precise face angles of the static stonework of the pyramid were explained along with the 2nd static reference ellipse which is rotated to a specific angle to minimise the angle of the north face of the building. Because the rotation of this ellipse is essential to the pyramid's geometry, where it is used to create the hexagonal rod's rotation axis, it needs to be calibrated perfectly.

When the computer software that is generating the pyramid's geometry on these web pages starts up, it enters into an automatic calibration routine which sets the rotation angle of the 2nd static reference ellipse so as to minimise the north face angle of the structure. This calibration routine can be re-run at any time, and the following button allows you to do exactly that with the calibrated rotation angle of the primary ellipse and the face angle displayed in the area directly below the button.

This automatic calibration is essential as it allows other elements of the geometric system, such as the shape of the Earth's ellipsoid, to then be calibrated without having to return and manually re-calculate the 2nd static reference ellipse's rotation angle.

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