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Calibration summary

The calibration of the pyramid's geometry and architectural design features has provided a wealth of information all of which is invaluable for continuing the analysis of the pyramid's architecture. The following points are a summary of the key pieces of information from the calibration section.

  1. The scale of the model of the Earth from which the Great Pyramid is designed is 87500 : 1
  2. The second pyramid of Giza is in orbit around the Great Pyramid, with an orbital period of 87500 seconds
  3. The fundamental unit of time used by the architects is the same as our unit of time, the second
  4. The cubit is defined from the pyramid's latitude, and is 0.523333079 m
  5. There is a second measuring units in use in the pyramid, which is the perfect meter
  6. A primitive right angled triangle with a hypotenuse of 221 and side length of 200 is used throughout the architecture
  7. The gallery contains a computing algorithm for calculating angle changes
  8. The test angle of the gallery roof is arcCos(200/221)
  9. The length of the gallery and ascending passage are constructed to perfect meters lengths
  10. The building contains a specific construction start point that is only available once the geometry has been understood
  11. The trial passages, which are external to the pyramid, align with the internal construction start point
  12. The trial passages are located 200 cubits and 1 radian from north away from the east face of the pyramid
  13. The roughly carved tunnel which allows access to the ascending passage is an original feature of the pyramid's architecture
  14. The pyramid contains a forced perspective optical illusion which added an error to the original surveying
  15. The internal architecture on ALL current surveys of the pyramid is incorrectly placed
  16. The upper northern shaft has not been surveyed correctly and there are 2 upper northern shafts
  17. The internal architecture of the building has been corrected on the interactive drawing
__________ End of calibration section _________
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