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The geometric intersect point

With the creation of the dynamic internal ellipse, the pyramid's architectural system now has two moving lines within it, the lower northern shaft and the ascending passage line which are highlighted on the drawing, and additionally the intersection point of these two lines is being plotted over time on the drawing. If you zoom in on the gallery area where these two lines intersect you can see this in more detail.

The dynamic intersect point is plotted in two colours which relate to the rotation angle of the secondary ellipse. The yellow lower section is when the the rotation angle of the secondary ellipse is positive, and the blue section is when the rotation angle is negative.

The blue section of the curved plot has the same shape as the hexagonal rod that was uncovered in the lower northern shaft and which was bent around the first corner in that shaft.

If the metal hexagonal rod which was is permanently wedged into this shaft is actually a physical model of the mathematics plot that is on the screen, which it is, then the lower yellow section of the geometric plot now needs to be straightened out so that it forms the straight section of the rod that is located in the lower portion of the shaft.

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