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The upper shafts

The interactive drawing shows the upper northern and upper southern shafts highlighted in green, and the system clock has been automatically started. If you zoom in on the upper northern shaft's start point on the north face you can see how the geometry of this shaft varies as the Earth rotates in the animation.

As the geometric line that defines this shaft moves with the dynamic geometry it carves out the upper northern shaft from the solid stonework of the pyramid. If you watch the animation you can see that the height of the shaft that is being carved out is the same as the surveyed height of the shaft shown on the drawing.

Zoom in to the upper southern shaft exit and you will see that the geometric shaft line moves in a similar manner but the geometry does not carve out the upper southern shaft as it misses by a large margin. This discrepancy is resolved in the advanced section of this work.

At the bottom of the two shafts at either side of the pyramid's main chamber, which you can zoom in on , the position of the end points of the shafts varies from being above the surveyed shafts when the Earth is at one extremity of its rotation, to being almost aligned with the lower surface of the shaft when the Earth is at the other extremity. The difference between the position of the lower surface of the shaft and the geometric shaft end point is due entirely to the inevitable small errors in the surveying of the building.

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