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Basic section summary

At the start of the basic section of this work the premise was put forward that the architecture of the Great Pyramid is designed from a cross section of a scaled model of the Earth. The premise was investigated and it was shown that :

  1. The relationship between the base length of the building and its height is the same as the relationship between the Earth's circumference and its polar diameter.
  2. The angle of the building's faces can be accurately determined from the relationship of the Earth's polar circumference to its polar diameter.
  3. The upper shaft exit points on the pyramid's north and south faces can be accurately determined by using tangential geometry on the polar cross section of the Earth.
  4. The length of the upper northern shaft can be accurately determined using algebraic analysis of the tangent geometry that forms the shaft.
  5. The entrance passage of the building can be formed from elliptical geometry that incorporates a sophisticated understanding of the underlying mathematics of an ellipse.
  6. The ascending passage of the pyramid can be formed by further expansion of the elliptical geometry that forms the outer shell of the building.
  7. The ascending passage's angle can be accurately matched to the surveyed angle of that passage by applying a rotation to the Earth's polar cross section that is the same as the naturally occurring axial tilt of the Earth.
  8. The design of the gallery incorporates the use of a length-to-angle ratio which connects the unit of length (the cubit) to the unit of angle (radian).
  9. The lower shafts of the building are formed by carefully using the algebraic formula for determining the circumference of an ellipse.
  10. The lower southern shaft incorporates the same conceptual length-to-angle ratio system as the gallery, and further includes a written value of that ratio's value, hidden behind a doorway.
  11. The external architecture of the pyramid is designed by minimising the northern face angle, which involves the use of differentiation of the mathematics to determine the minimum northern face angle with respect to the Earth's axial rotation angle.

The levels of technical knowledge required by the building's architects to incorporate these design features into the pyramid would preclude our current understanding of the origins of the pyramid. Before such a consequential step can be taken, further analysis of the geometry will be undertaken so as to reach a point where the evidence of that technical knowledge is unequivocal, definitive and unambiguous.

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